Nylia Stonewary

“There’s no such thing as pure evil, or pure good. Everyone’s a mix of both.”

Appearance and Personality

Nylia Stonewary has passed her thirteenth name’s day, and is closing on her fourteenth. She is short and lithe, with strait dark hair that she prefers to keep long and down. She has just started to show womanly features, and it’s obvious she’ll someday soon become a gem in Dorne. She has inherited her mother’s knack for court and her father’s low cunning, making deceit and manipulation easy weapons for her to use. Still, she prefers to use charm and wit to make friends and allies rather than deceive others for her own goals. Before meeting her brothers or father, she wanted very much to befriend and impress them.


After the collapse of the bridge, during Haytham’s rebellion, when Nylia was only two years old, she was given to Haytham as a ward, while his son Mathis was given to Uthyr. She was raised by her uncle and her mother in Haytham’s new domain. She was taught letter and history, court and heraldry. She convinced her uncle to let her learn archery, and learned on her own how to walk quietly. She became friends with her bodyguard, Trianna, though had few other friends; there weren’t many children in his hall. As she grew, she desired to meet the rest of her family. Her uncle was very much opposed to the idea, at least until the tournament at Harenhal.

Character Theme: Angel Beats opening theme

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A Choir of Fable and Folly: At Harrenhal

Nylia Stonewary

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